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Save the Date: All-School Gathering & New Student Orientation!!

The Leland Family will come together for our Fall All-School Gathering and New Student Orientation on Saturday, August 20, 2016.  All returning students are asked to join us on our Main Campus in Arlington, VA at 5p.m. to share in a fellowship meal.  We will then come together for a time of community worship as we prepare to start the new semester with the right minds, hearts and spirits. 

All members of the Leland Community - Trustees, partners and donors, faculty, staff, alumni and current students - are invited to join us at this gathering.  Save the date! We need each of you there to welcome our newly admitted students into our ever-growing community.


Learn From World Class Leaders

Leland is offering an exciting August hybrid intensive course opportunity that you won't want to miss.  The course is designed primarily for those who are called to exercise leadership, both in ecclesial and non-ecclesial settings. The conference speakers are widely known and respected leaders in various walks of life. In addition, the course will provide significant networking opportunities at a major leadership conference.  Leaders are expected to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit simulcast  August 11-12, 2016, at Columbia Baptist Church (Falls Church, VA). Leaders will attend meeting with the instructors during the conference. The conference will be followed by five weeks of online work. The online portion will consist of posting substantive comments on video and reading assignments.  Read the full course description here:  



Congratulations to Leland professor Tarmo Toom upon the publication of his new book, Patristic Theories of Biblical Interpretation: the Latin Fathers, published by Cambridge University Press.  This volume focuses on some of the most influential leaders of the early church and explains how they interpreted scripture. Dr. Toom edited the volume and provided the article about Augustine's biblical interpretation. The volume also focuses on other important church fathers such as Jerome and Gregory. Protestants sometimes assume that serious biblical interpretation started with the Reformation of the 16th century. Dr. Toom's volume demonstrates to the reader how many leaders within the early church thought deeply about the Bible and developed their own methods of interpreting the various biblical texts. Congratulations to Dr. Toom for this excellent contribution to Patristic studies.



Rev. Monica Leak once again breaks new grounds by publishing her first book, a devotional titled Faith of Our Founders. Monica is a accomplished Speech Language Pathologist and serves as an mentor in the Alexandria community as well as assisting in volunteer work in Maryland. We can't fail to mention the amazing work she does here at the Leland library! For more information on Rev. Monica Leak and her book please click here:





Greetings! My name is Alyx Mikelaites and I was introduced to the diploma program at Leland in January of 2011. My former youth pastor, Spencer Dillard, spoke so highly of the education and spiritual formation offered by Leland, and I simply could not let the opportunity pass by me. It fit so well with the ministry to which God had been calling me, and I count myself blessed for stepping into this community. I received a Diploma in Theology in June of 2014, and I am now in route to finishing a Master’s in Christian Leadership. I am currently serving at Shalom Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA, as the Minister to Youth and Member Mobilization.

I am a lover of knowledge, growth, photography, teenagers (87% of the time), problem-solving, flowers, sushi, my 3-yr-old son, trying new things, and Christ our Lord. The more I discover about life, the less I really know. This overflows to my development as a steward of the mysteries of our faith, as well as the deepening of my relationship with God. The more I get to know about our God and the ministry to which he continues to call me, the more I realize how much I truly do not yet know. My experiences at Leland open my eyes to the “other-than” nature of God and to the big-picture – AKA grand narrative – he is orchestrating. I have learned that God holds the power to transform, and if there is anything transformative about the ministry in which I participate, I cannot take credit for the work. Often times, I do not even get to see the fruit of my labor, and that is okay. I am both satisfied and relieved to have confidence in God’s ability and desire to begin the transformation process as he sees fit. He simply uses those who are willing and available to submit. Oh, and he blesses them immensely, too. How exciting!

Two of my favorite courses at Leland include Theology and Spiritual Formation. I could audit these courses each semester for the rest of my life and still learn something new at every class meeting. One professor in particular, Dr. Keith Smith, has had an invaluable impact on my education experience, which carries over into my spiritual formation and life as a minister at Shalom. “That’s what I’ve always been taught” was shaken, and the foundation of why I believe what I believe has been reformed. I am better equipped to help others discover their gifts and how they are called to participate in this grand narrative, because the professors and community at Leland take time to pour into my ministry – both professionally at Shalom and informally as a parent, student, and friend. My life would look much different without The John Leland Center.


In His Service,




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