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-Dr. Joseph Small, a Presbyterian leader from the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology will be presented the 2016 Ecumenism award and will deliver an address: "The Body Lies Bleeding: The Reformation and Contemporary Ecclesial Divisions." Please join us for the prayer service, public address, and concluding reception.  This will be held on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at The Church at Clarendon sanctuary.  All faculty, students, staff and friends of Leland are invited to attend.

-A five-week course on "The People of God and the Old Testament" will begin Saturday, Feb. 20th at Truro Anglican Church. The course runs for five consecutive Saturdays from 9am to 11:30am, with breakfast and childcare. The cost is $50 for the entire course. Worship, lecture, and small group discussion, along with food and coffee! If interested, please register at:


Are you an intellectually curious and devoted follower of Christ, passionate about exploring the crossroads of faith, work and community life? Consider taking a class or two with like-minded folks in our community at Leland. At Leland we are excited to offer classes that are accessible to people from diverse walks of life, ranging from topics like "Theology of Work" to "Advanced Biblical Study in Revelation" to "World Religions." Our one-page application to take classes as a "graduate special student" is quick and easy to complete and will qualify you to take up to six two-credit masters-level classes or audit as many classes as you want without entering a formal graduate program. If you don't have your bachelor's degree yet, we have something for you too! Our School of Ministry offers bachelor's-level classes, and applying is just as easy.

Interested in more information? See our Class Schedule page for the classes we will be offering in the coming term. See Financing Your Education for current tuition rates and fees. Or, contact Debbie McCain Wesley, Director of Enrollment, and she will be glad to answer any questions you have and get you started on your journey with Leland.


This season the issues of racial reconciliation, community health, and the role of law enforcement have been at the forefront of our public consciousness. This is a kairos moment for a program we at Leland have been developing throughout the last year. The S.A.L.T. Project (Spirituality and Law Enforcement Training) aims to bring clergy and law enforcement together in a dialogue to consider their complementary roles in pursuing "shalom" both in the community and in their own personal well-being as public servants. Rev. Samuel Feemster, a retired FBI trainer, and Dr. Jeff Willetts, Professor of Divinity at Leland - both are pastors as well - are uniquely qualified to lead this project. Both have been involved for the last several years with training law enforcement officers and theological students in the areas of spirituality and pastoral care in the context of law enforcement. As a part of the project, Leland will be offering MF4331-Spirituality and Law Enforcement as an intensive class in the Spring 2014 semester. Clergy and law enforcement officers are invited to apply as participants in the ongoing project, and to register specifically for the class.

HERE is the link for the application to the SALT Project

HERE is the link for the Course Description

For more information, contact the registrar at


Leland Adjunct Professor Dr. J. Travis Moger's book entitled Priestly Resistance to the Early Reformation in Germany has been nominated for the Gerald Strauss Book Prize. This prize is named in honor of Gerald Strauss, influential scholar of the German Reformation and long-time distinguished Professor of History at Indiana University. The prize, which will be awarded at the annual meeting of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference in August, recognizes the best book published in English during the preceding year in the field of German Reformation history. Criteria for selection include 1. quality and originality of research, 2. methodological skill and/or innovation, 3. development of fresh and stimulating interpretations or insights, and 4. literary quality. Congratulations to Dr. Moger on his nomination!


Rev. Monica Leak once again breaks new grounds by publishing her first book, a devotional titled Faith of Our Founders. Monica is a accomplished Speech Language Pathologist and serves as an mentor in the Alexandria community as well as assisting in volunteer work in Maryland. We can't fail to mention the amazing work she does here at the Leland library!

For more information on Rev. Monica Leak and her book please click here:



Leland Professor Dr. Tarmo Toom has published a review-article of a 3-volume reception history of Augustine (Oxford). It was published in Reviews in Religion and Theology, Volume 21, Issue 4 in September 2014. To read the full article, click HERE.


What led you to Leland?  I started my Leland journey in the fall semester of 2008, after being recruited by Leland alumni Tom Lynch and Josh Hayden. The stories they shared about their experiences in class with classmates and professors left an impression on me. Like some students, I started out on a very part-time basis, and like most, I found that wasn't enough. In addition to wanting to be engaged in more course work, I yearned for the conversations with classmates and professors. It wasn't until I served under Dean Willetts when I became fully immersed in the Leland mission and vision.

What degree are you pursuing? I am pursuing the Master of Divinity degree and will be graduating this Spring. This degree best fits my current setting as Pastor to Students and will help me in fulfilling other pastor roles in the future.

What in your experience as a student has been most beneficial to your current ministry responsibilities?  The most beneficial experience to me at Leland has been hearing and gleaning from everyone's personal stories in their respective ministries. The students and professors have stories to share about situations from various perspectives and positions. Being able to gain an inside view and hear about their mistakes, while sharing in their praises has been a blessing. The encouragement and empathy they display is humbling and inspiring, which has helped me in unforgettable ways.

How do you understand your ministry as transformational?  What has helped me and my ministry transform while at Leland is the balance of learning and application. While the material we learn is long standing, the ways in which I am able to imagine and put feet to God's vision for me in His kingdom has been invaluable. While Leland's overall concern is to raise and train students, I am thankful that they are shaping and transforming disciples for kingdom work. Understanding that transformational minsitry starts with transformation that I experience daily with Christ, is the greatest insight that Leland has offered me. Leland's impression on me is already evident in my life and in the ministry I serve. I treasure the final part of my coursework (Class of 2015!) and will ensure that the relationships gained here will continue far past graduation.

Are there any particular Leland courses that have been impactful? I've enjoyed the Ministry Rotations in advocacy and pastoral care, as they have allowed me the opportunity to work with local organizations and craft specific projects to work within my ministry context. As Leland professes the need for transformational ministers and ministries, these rotations give us the platform to explore and embrace new techniques and methods in ministry.

What are your plans for the future?  I hope to continue to minister in the DC Metro area in the foreseeable future. Whether with students or in an Associate or Senior Pastor capacity, I look forward to engaging a faith community in order to mobilize them towards fulfilling God's mission.

Any other thoughts on Leland? Leland offers a rich blend of learning from course work to ministry and life applications. If students are intentional about immersing themselves in the Leland environment and extend themselves to their fellow classmates, the possibilities for enrichment and empowerment are endless. 

-Kevin Ly, Current Leland MDiv Student




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