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We will have Open Houses in Arlington, Hampton Roads and Roanoke on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 6p.m.   This will be an ideal time for potential students to tour campus, meet faculty and current students, get information about our academic programs and admission requirements, and hear about Leland student life.  Make plans now to join us and spread the word!!

To RSVP please contact the Campus nearest you:

Main Campus (Arlington) 

Danielle L. Bridgeforth, Director of Enrollment

1306 N. Highland Street

Arlington, VA 22201

703.812.4757, ext. 204


Hampton Roads Campus (Newport News)

Vicki Bohannon, Associate Director of Enrollment

12716 Warwick Blvd.

Newport News

Virginia 23606

757.930.3150 Phone


Southwest Campus (Roanoke)

Eric Spano, Director of Southwest Masters Program

Bonsack Baptist Church

4845 Cloverdale Rd.

Roanoke, VA 24019







Leland Hosts Luncheon at

BGAV meeting Tuesday, November 15

Leland will host our annual luncheon at the 2016 BGAV Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 15 at 12 noon.  The lunch will be held at Famous Anthony’s, (3737 Challenger Ave., Roanoke, VA 24012).  This is a great time to reconnect with our Leland community.  The luncheon will cost $10/person (To be paid on site; please bring cash).  For more information please stop by the Leland booth Tuesday morning.












What led you to Leland? 

I came to Leland in 2012 after I switched careers transitioning from 10-years in corporate finance to a full-time youth and children minister.  As a result of that transition, I had a desire to pursue seminary education and I was looking for a school that would provide enrichment, direction, and spiritual growth. Leland became that place for me after I met several other Leland students, who embody the idea of being transformational leaders for Christ.


What degree are you pursuing? I am pursuing a Master of Divinity


What in your experience as a student has been most beneficial to your current ministry responsibilities?   As a teacher grows then hopefully so should his or her students. In my experience, I believe that if someone is willing to study his or her content and their students, then God empowers each of us, through our learned wisdom and relationships, helping us to find ways to connect each person with the larger narrative that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being amongst a diverse student population and teachers has helped me broaden my perspectives and horizon for where and how the Gospel can be found and presented in the world today. Just as I continue to benefit from my experience, my goal is to be one of many trees that are deeply rooted and bearing fruit in the kingdom of God and the lives of the people He surrounds me with. .

How do you understand your ministry as transformational?

I read a great question recently, “If the Gospel isn’t transforming you, how do you know it can transform anything else?” I understand God’s ministry as transformational because it initially and continues to transform me; as a result, I know that I am shaped and molded into an instrument for his kingdom and his glorification. As I delight in the opportunity to walk alongside others and they alongside me, our stories and journeys are intertwined within God’s grandest narrative ever told – a story so unbelievably redemptive that it brings people from the furthest reaches of world together to celebrate, worship, love, and be part of a transformation.


Are there any particular Leland courses that have been impactful? I could argue that all of my courses have been impactful, each in a different way. However, I would say that “Spiritual Formation” and “What is Salvation?” have been two classes that I thoroughly enjoyed. Spiritual formation presented a missing aspect of my discipleship that I hadn’t been exposed to, which I have benefited from greatly. What is Salvation? was a beautiful journey throughout history of humanity’s greatest minds attempting to comprehend salvation and a reflection on our own soteriology.


What are your plans for the future? 

Great question and if anyone has the answer, then please let me know. =) For now, I will continue to pursue my degree, respond to where God has called my family and attempt to follow wherever we are led. There are moments where we may be called to go, to be still, or to just be – but in each of these, to remain faithful, hopeful, and loving to our God who is at work.


Any other thoughts on Leland?

For me, Leland has been a community of diverse people gathering together in order to learn, grow, and create space where heaven and earth collide. It is a signpost where people come eager to understand and are transformed into blessed stewards within the body of Christ for which I am thankful.




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