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Leland Seminary begins each new academic year with Convocation. It is an introduction to the school for students, their families and friends, and an opportunity to inaugurate the new school year by worshipping together. This event features an address delivered by a visiting speaker. A reception follows.



Orientation is an opportunity for new students to obtain valuable information regarding the coming year and their time of study at Leland. It is also a time to begin new relationships with other Leland students, staff and faculty. Orientation is required for all first year students.

Annual Retreat

The retreat is a time of fellowship and community building for new students, current students, faculty and staff of the Leland Center. Typically the retreat is an overnight event that includes a time of worship, bible study and fellowship. All first and second year Masters level students are required to attend the retreat.

Christmas Service

The Christmas service is held early in December. It is a festive time of worship and fellowship let by students. A reception follows.

Lenten Service

The Lenten Service provides an opportunity for the Leland community to participate in a contemplative time of worship during the season when the church spiritually fasts in preparation for the Holy Week. This service is often led by students.

Theological Society

Students, faculty, and local churches are invited to engage in rigorous academic and professional reflection on contemporary issues and challenges facing Christian ministry. Society meetings typically include a presentation by a visiting speaker followed by discussion.

Check the website home page and the Leland Logos e-newsletter for upcoming times and dates.

President’s Forum

The President’s Forum is an informal fellowship meeting where students can express their opinions and concerns openly with the President, staff and faculty.

The Leland Ministry Forum

The Leland Ministry Forum is a quarterly meeting of Leland alums and students who have ministerial responsibilities in local churches or ministry organizations. The purpose of the meetings is to analyze and discuss issues related to ministry and seek solutions to problems and challenges that arise in ministry settings. The intent of the Forum is to serve as a resource for ministerial students and graduates for advise, counsel, collaboration, and exploration of ministry. The Forum is led by experienced Leland faculty.


Graduation is a time for Leland students, faculty, staff, trustees, family and friends to gather in celebration of the completion of degrees, diplomas and certificates earned by Leland students. This is a celebratory event with a worship service and a featured speaker. A reception follows.

Community Event Attendance Expectations

While all students are encouraged to attend as many community events as possible, some are required for masters certificate and degree-seeking students. Main Campus masters students are required to attend four community worship events each year they are enrolled: Convocation, Christmas Service, Lenten Service, and Graduation. Hampton Roads masters students are required to attend Convocation and Graduation in Northern Virginia, and local Christmas and Lenten services when offered. Students who are unable to attend a worship event must notify the Academic Dean and arrange with him attendance at an alternative worship event. Students who fail to attend the required events during the terms they are enrolled without participating in an alternative event will be required to write a 10-page paper assigned by the Academic Dean.

In addition, all first and second year masters students (certificate and degree-seeking) are required to attend the annual retreat. Those unable to attend must formally request, in writing, an excused absence from the Director of Student Services. A retreat reservation fee will be assessed for masters students until they attend two retreats. Southwest Virginia certificate students are exempt from the retreat requirements and fees, but are strongly encouraged to attend a retreat during their time at Leland.

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