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Library Borrowing Policies for the Hunt Library

Who can borrow materials
Borrowers Responsibilities
Circulation policy
Fines & Overdue Notices
Item Replacement Policy
Faculty Borrowing Policies

Confidentiality Statement
Library Behavior Policy
Cell Phone Policy


Who Can Borrow Library Materials

The John Leland Center Community:  Active faculty, staff, and students of the John Leland Center for Theological Studies and its alumni.

Alumni of JLCTS are allowed to borrow no more than five books at a time for a
three-week period with one renewal if no one is waiting for that item.


The Washington Theological Consortium Members:  Active faculty, staff and students of the Washington Theological Consortium Institutions.  Students and faculty members must present a currently valid WTC Borrowing Privileges Form, signed by their institution’s head librarian, and a photo identification card in order to be eligible to check out books.  Students are only allowed to borrow five items from each Consortium Library.

Local Clergy:  All clergy with a permanent residence in the Washington, DC metro area are eligible for borrowing items. Clergy members must present a photo ID and a letter of reference that confirms their status as a member of the clergy. This letter must be printed on his or her institution’s letterhead paper. Clergy may borrow no more than five items at a time for a three-week period.

Other Visitors:  Visitors are those members of the community who do not qualify for borrowing materials under any of the above categories. Visitors must fill out a Visitor’s Agreement Policy sheet on their first visit to the library and must sign our Guest Book every time they come into the library. Visitors are permitted to use resources within the library, but are not permitted to check any items out. To insure the safety of our collection, visitors are also required to hand over their house and car keys to the Librarian, Library Coordinator, or volunteer, to be held for the duration of their visit.

Access to Electronic Resources

Visiting patrons may access our licensed e-journals and databases in-house only. Visitors also have access to the Internet, Library Catalog, and the Microsoft Office Suite.



  • You are responsible for all materials checked out in your name and any fees or damages incurred until the items are returned.
  • For WTC borrowers: Please produce your Student ID and WTC Borrowing Privileges Form when checking books out from the Alma Hunt Library.
  • Do not loan your ID or your borrowed items to others.
  • Do not depend on others to return items for you.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to be aware of the time or date that the materials are due. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive these notices does not remove the borrower's obligation to return material by the due date, nor does it constitute grounds for reducing a borrower's fines.
  • Borrowed materials can be recalled at any time; however this is most likely to occur during the second renewal period of an item. When items are recalled, you will have seven days in which to return your items.
  • It is your responsibility to update your address, e-mail address, and other contact information with the seminary and library so that you may receive library notices, etc.
  • If you plan to be out of town, it is your responsibility to have materials returned on time. It is recommended that items should be returned prior to travel.
  • If you receive overdue notices for materials that you believe have been returned, contact the Alma Hunt Library at the John Leland Center for Theological Studies at 1-703-812-4757 ext. 208 and we will conduct a search.
  • The borrowing of any materials from the Library signifies agreement by the borrower to abide by the rules and regulations of the JLCTS borrowing policies. Please note: you are responsible for knowing the JLCTS borrowing policies.



Borrowing Time:  John Leland students are allowed to borrow no more than ten books at a time for a four-week period. 

Renewal Policy: There is a maximum of two renewals for each item borrowed. When the item is returned after two renewals, the patron must allow those materials a two-week shelf time before checking those items out again.  Books can be recalled anytime during the first or second renewal period.  You may renew your items online.

Checking items out:  Please see the Librarian, Library Coordinator, or Library Volunteer at the circulation desk to check your items out. If a library staff member is not able to assist you at the time of check out, you may perform a self check-out.
Checking items in:  When returning borrowed items, either check them in with a library employee, or if no one is present, please leave borrowed items in the return bin, located next to the Reserves shelf area. The bin reads, “Return Items Here.”

Non-circulation items:  Non-circulating items include reference and journals/periodicals.   You may use these items in house and photocopy the information within these items.  Each photocopy is $0.10 per page.

Book Hold:  A book hold is a request for an item be kept at the circulation desk, on hold, for a patron until they can pick it up. Students of JLCTS may place a hold for an item on our shelves, currently on loan to another patron, or on an item that is on order or being processed. The patron will have one week in which to retrieve their held item.

Book Reserves:  Reserves are library items given a shorter loan period at the request of the professor to ensure that all the students enrolled in a course have an opportunity to use the materials.

Leland Students may borrow up to two reserve items at a time for a two-hour loan period. If items are not returned by the end of the two-hour loan period, patrons will be charged a $1.50 for every hour it remains checked out.

Reserve items may not leave the Leland Center.



Fine:  $0.25 per item, per day the item is late

Grace Period:  You will have a one week grace period in which to either renew or return your items. If you do not renew or return your books within the one week grace period, a penalty of $0.25 per item, per day, will be issued. The grace period does not apply to recalled items, reserve items, journals, reference, or other materials in special sub-collections.

Overdue Notices:  Notices are courtesy reminders that your books are overdue. The library is not responsible for delayed notices due to inaccurate e-mail addresses, postal addresses, or other postal problems. The first overdue notice is sent the day after the item is due. When an item is 28 days overdue, a final notice will be sent, informing the patron that their borrowing privileges are suspended until the situation is resolved. Once the borrowed item is checked in, a bill containing all the fines allocated will be sent to the patron within two business days.



Lost Item Replacement Charges:  When a library item is deemed “lost,” the library will charge the patron the replacement cost of each lost item, plus a $25.00 book processing fee. “Lost" items cannot be renewed and must be returned to the library for your account to be credited. If the item is returned after billing and before the library has begun the reorder process to replace it, your account will be adjusted and the replacement and processing fees will be removed. If the library has "withdrawn" the item, some portion of the replacement fee plus the $25.00 processing fee will be retained. Students with outstanding charges of $35.00 or higher will be referred to the Registrar Office for collection after one month.

Damaged Item:  All items borrowed from The Alma Hunt Library must be returned in the same condition as they were when checked out. Borrowers are responsible for any damage that occurs to an item while it is checked out on their library account. The types of damage for which one can be charged include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Loose Hinges
- Worn and Damaged Covers
- Writing on pages
- Covers separating from text block
- Loose, torn and missing pages
- Tape repairs
- Stains and unidentified substances on the cover or pages
- Wet books
- Mold
A borrower may replace the lost or damaged item with a copy acceptable to The Alma Hunt Library Librarian and/or Director.  If the borrower chooses this option, he or she may disregard the $25.00 processing fee.



A semester-long loan period is extended to faculty; however, these books may be recalled if a student or faculty member is in need of this item. This policy does not affect the status of reserve items. Books may be renewed for another semester at the end of the current term.

Borrowing Books:  No limit is set on the number of books that a faculty member may borrow at any one time. However, it is assumed that books needed for reference over extended periods of time will be purchased by the faculty member and not provided by the library.

Overdue Books: Overdue notices are sent at the end of the spring semester to faculty who have not returned their books by the due date. Overdue books must be returned within ten days from the date of the notice. (See Suspension of Library Privileges below.)

Suspension of Library Privileges:  Failure to respond to recall notices or overdue notices within the time limits specified and/or failure to pay for materials lost by the borrower results in suspension of library privileges or progressive disciplinary action. Library privileges are restored after recalled or overdue items are returned or payment is made for lost items.

Lending of Library Items by Faculty:  Faculty members are not allowed to lend students or others any library materials. If you would like to loan a library item to a student or other faculty member you must return the item(s) to the library to be checked back in. Then, a member of the library staff will place that item on hold for the person whom you want to borrow that item.

Sabbaticals and Other Leaves:  A faculty member who leaves the local area for an entire semester on sabbatical or other leave of absence is required to inform the library of the materials being borrowed during the sabbatical. If an item is lost, please see The Lost Item Replacement policy above and follow accordingly.

Expiration of Borrowing Privileges:  Full-time and adjunct faculty members separating from JLCTS employment - even on a temporary basis - must return all library materials. Faculty borrowing privileges terminate upon separation from employment. 


Confidentiality Statement:

*State privacy law Section  2.2-3705 of Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act  prohibits JLCTS staff from releasing library records that can be used to identify both (i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and (ii) the material such patron borrowed.
We cannot release any information concerning your library records without proper ID (your JLCTS ID). Also, we cannot release information to a third party acting as your representative.



The following behaviors and items are prohibited in the library:

  • Speaking loudly (Please use proper, quiet library tones!)
  • Yelling across the room (Walk up to the person and whisper)
  • Writing/highlighting in Library Books. These books are NOT YOURS! They are the community’s!
  • Eating and/or drinking (This does not include events in the library at which refreshments have been approved.)
  • Playing music (Use your headphones.)
  • Use of any tobacco products
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere on library property
  • Pets (service animals are permitted)
  • Inadequate attire (shoes and shirts are required)
  • Loud or disruptive behavior
  • Harassing or threatening behavior, whether to staff or other members of the public
  • Damaging, destroying, or unlawfully removing library materials or property
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind anywhere on library property except those worn by uniformed officials
  • Improper acts that are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law


Cell Phone Policy:

The use of cell phones, pagers, and other electronic communication devices is not permitted in the library. When making or receiving calls, please exit the library and use the hallway. This policy pertains to faculty, staff, and students.


  John Leland Center for Theological Studies
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