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Master of Christian Leadership

What is the Master of christian leadership PROGRAM?

The Master of Christian Leadership is a program of study designed to prepare students for competent leadership in congretations, where the calling is not to senior ordained pastoral leadership, or to other ministry settings outside the local church. Students may choose a Congregational (C) or Public Life (PL) emphasis in their coursework to support their intended ministry context. This program is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

The program is designed to be completed in three to four years part time or two to three years full time. Courses are scheduled so that students who are working full time may pursue their studies without compromising their employment and family life.    


The Christian Leadership Master's Program is ideal for persons pursuing education in specializations such as church ministry and church planting. It is also for persons wishing to complement their current career path with theological education by exploring the interaction between their faith and career.


We live at challenging times.  Church attendance in many mainline and evangelical churches in the US is declining, and so is the vitality of the churches.  Situation in the larger culture is problematic as well.  The country is coming off the worst economic and financial crisis since the great depression.  Among other things, this crisis has been caused in a significant part by moral failures in the business community.  The country as a whole faces unprecedented financial challenges.  Politicians seem incapable of dealing with the current financial predicament.

These challenges cannot be met successfully on a practical “how to” level.  The problems go much deeper.  Secularism that cordoned ecclesial communities off the public discourse into the realm of the private is showing cracks.  The past century teaches us that in order to meet major challenges successfully, we need to deal with them theologically.  Christians of first centuries were able to remarkably grow and transform their society because they lived their faith out to the fullest.  In addition, theology was a crucial dimension in the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Paul II as they dealt with fascism, racism and Communism, respectively.  The same is true for the current challenge of secularism: we will overcome it only by living out our theologically informed faith in the modern world.

At Leland, we are committed to the formation on Christian leaders capable of meeting challenges of the modern world, both in and outside of the local church.  We introduce leaders to current leadership theories, teach effective leadership practices, and equip leaders to form their own leadership styles.  At the same time, we believe that the Christian leader needs to be prepared for the emerging postsecular world by learning to approach leadership theologically.  That means we equip our graduates to articulate and implement leadership strategies based on sound theological reflection and informed by current leadership scholarship, so they would be able to shape both churches and other public institutions in ways fitting for the advent of postsecular age.

What courses will I take?

Biblical Studies (8 hours)

Old Testament Interpretation I and II (4)

New Testament Interpretation I and II (4)
Theological, Philosophical & Integrative Studies (6 hours)
Introduction to Theological Studies (2)
Philosophy for Theology (2)
Christian Ethics (2)
Leadership and Formation Studies (16 hours)
Spiritual Formation (2)
Biblical Model of Leadership (2)

Modern Theories of Leadership (2)

Focused Leadership Elective (6)
Leadership Seminar (2)
Leadership Practicum (2)
Historical & Cultural Studies (6 hours)
Global Perspectives in Ministry and Mission (2)
Global Church History (2)
Christianity and Culture: Postmodern Theology and the Church (2)
Total Credit Hours: 36 Hours - Effective Fall 2015


Master of Christian Leadership courses are offered at Leland’s Main Campus in Arlington, VA and at the Hampton Roads Extension location. Hampton Roads students must take a portion of their coursework at the Main Campus.

The best way to learn about Leland Seminary is to visit. To schedule an individual visit, please contact the Office of Enrollment at 703-812-4757 ext. 205.

Click here to begin the application process. The application includes a basic application form, application fee, transcripts, recommendations, and essays. Applications for Fall are due June 1 and December 1 for Spring.

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