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Master of Divinity

What is the Master of Divinity degree?

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is designed for students who intend to enter full time vocational ministry. The degree provides the most comprehensive program of study for the person who desires thorough theological and practical preparation. This program is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

The M.Div. is designed to be completed in five to six years part time or three to four years full time. Courses are scheduled so that students who are working full time may pursue their studies without compromising their employment and family life.    

Who should consider the M.Div. degree?
The M.Div. is ideal for people wishing to be exposed to, assisted with, and prepared for understanding and articulating their ministerial calling by seeking intellectual growth in knowledge of scripture and tradition in order to better shape their theology and practice of ministry.

What courses will I take as a M.Div. student?

Ministry Formation Studies Biblical Studies
Global Perspectives in Ministry and Mission (2) Old Testament Interpretation I  and II (4)
Spiritual Formation (2) New Testament Interpretation I and II (4)
Theology and Ministry (2) Advanced Biblical Studies (4)
The Theology and Practice of Christian Worship (2) Biblical Hermeneutics (2)
Biblical Models of Christian Leadership (2) Biblical Exegesis (2)
Models of Evangelism (2) Biblical Greek I and II (4)
Preaching (2) Biblical Hebrew I and II (4)

Supervised Ministry (4)


Ministry Rotation I-II (4)

Biblical, Systematic and Applied


Theological Studies

Historical and Cultural Studies

Introduction to Theological Studies (2)

Global Church History (2) Christian Ethics (2)
Historical Theology I, II, and III (6) Philosophy for Theology (2)
Baptist History and Identity (2) Who is God? (2)
Christianity and Culture: Who is Jesus? (2)
Postmodern Theology and the Church (2) What is Salvation? (2)
  What is the Church? (2)
Free Electives (6) What is the Mission of the Church? (2)
Master's Sermon  
80 Total Credit Hours  


M.Div. courses are offered at Leland’s Main Campus in Arlington, VA and at the Hampton Roads Extension location. Hampton Roads M.Div. students must take a portion of their coursework at the Main Campus.

The best way to learn about Leland Seminary is to visit. To schedule an individual visit, please contact the Office of Enrollment at 703-812-4757 ext. 204.

Click here to begin the application process. The application includes a basic application form, application fee, transcripts, recommendations, and essays. Applications for Fall admission are due June 1 and December 1 for Spring admission.

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