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NetClassroom is the student portal to Leland's Student Information System. Students can use NetClassroom to perform several tasks, including registering, viewing their student account statement, making online payments, viewing class documents, assignments, grades, and more. For a quick overview, see our Getting Started in NetClassroom document.

To access NetClassroom, students will need to go to the NetClassroom link using their computer's Internet browser and enter their username and password. Students who have lost or forgotten their username/password should email, and a reminder will be emailed as soon as the Registrar's Office is able to receive and process the request.



Regular Semester Classes: From the time registration opens for the next term through the first week of class students should register for all for-credit classes using their NetClassroom account. The class schedule can be found on the Class Schedule page of the website or through NetClassroom.

Intensive Classes: After the first week of the term, students who want to add an intensive class that hasn't yet begun should email their request to The deadline for registration is the first day of the class.

Auditing or Taking Classes Pass/Fail: Students who wish to audit a class should email their registration request to Leland allows master's degree and graduate certificate students to take up to 8 credits pass/fail. Students registering for their class in the prescribed way and then email thier pass/fail request to prior to the deadline published in the Academic Calendar.

Registering for a Washington Theological Consortium Class: All master's degree and graduate certificate students are eligible to take a course per semester through the Washington Theological Consortium. Master's degree students are required to take at least one consortium class for their program. Taking classes through the WTC broadens the course offerings available to students, and offers a window into the differing Christian traditions represented in the consortium. To register for a WTC class students should:

  • Review the WTC Course Listings
  • Download and complete the WTC Registration Form (.pdf).

  • E-mail the saved document to The Registrar will contact the host school with your request. Once your request is confirmed with the host school, Leland will provide a confirmation and invoice the student for the registration.


All requests for Adds (after the first week of the term), Drops and Withdraws should be emailed to Consult the Academic Calendar for applicable deadlines and policies.



Diploma or Graduate Special Student to Master's Program: Students who have graduated from the Diploma program and those admitted as graduate special students may apply to a master's-level program by submitting an application as appropriate for that program (as listed on the Apply to Leland page).

Graduate Certificate to Master's Degree Program: Students who were admitted into or completed a graduate certificate program should contact the Director of Enrollment ( for next steps required for admission into the degree program.

Graduate Certificate to Graduate Certificate or Degree to Degree: Students who want to switch programs within the program category to which they were admitted (Graduate Certificate: GCLS/GCTS; Degree: MDIV/MTS/MCL) may do so by emailing their request to


Unofficial Transcripts and Semester Grades can be accessed by students through their NetClassroom account. See the current Academic Calendar for the dates that the latest semester grades will be available to view (typically four weeks after the last class). Alumni who do not have access to NetClassroom may request an unofficial transcript in .pdf format by e-mailing their request to

Official Transcripts may be obtained by submitting the following:

  1. A written request with the student's signature authorizing the release of his/her records. This letter should include the student's complete contact information (address, phone number and e-mail address), as well as complete information on where to send the official transcript.
  2. $10 official transcript fee (per transcript requested)

The request may be mailed, faxed or scanned and e-mailed to the Registrar using the contact information provided below. Remember, it must include the student's signature, so a request in the text of an e-mail is not sufficient. The fee may be paid by check or by using one of our online payment methods. Students with a NetClassroom account may pay the fee using the Bill Payment option in NetClassroom, and both students and alumni may use our website's Online Payment Portal. Please note "Transcript Fee" in the comments field when paying online.

Once BOTH the signed letter and fee are received, the official transcript will be sent as requested. Official requests and fee may be sent to:

Office of the Registrar

John Leland Center for Theological Studies

1306 N. Highland St.

Arlington, VA  22201

Fax: (703) 812-4764


A student who has a past-due balance on his or her account will not be able to receive grade reports or transcripts nor complete registration for the following term until the balance is paid.


  John Leland Center for Theological Studies
1306 N. Highland Street
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