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Why Leland?

StudentDo you wonder if there is a school that is kingdom focused and Christ centered? Do you yearn to immerse yourself in the Bible and the study of what the church has said and is saying about God? Do you hope to continue ministering in your community while learning in a place that is both local and global?

Whether you are called to be a local church leader, pastor, missionary, an artist, or advocate, Leland Seminary will help prepare you for the work God has called you to participate in with him.

Leland is a Baptist seminary that operates in partnership with many Baptist conventions, local associations, and churches. As a Baptist school in the free-church tradition, Leland is uniquely positioned to receive people from all walks of the Christian life, whether they are pursuing a master's degree or a ministry diploma.

At Leland you will balance your rigorous academic courses with spiritual formation by learning from a faculty that also serve in Christian ministry and were trained at institutions around the world. Leland’s ethnically and internationally diverse faculty, teach classes ranging in size from 5 to 20. In Leland's close-knit community you will be challenged by a student body that echoes the diversity of its professors.

Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, Leland’s main campus in Arlington, Virginia is attractive for those planning on serving in an urban or suburban setting. Leland’s unique curriculum prepares a student for ministering in such a culture. Leland also has teaching centers housed in both rural and suburban churches around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

While the cost of a good education and your time commitment may not be your primary concerns, they are main concerns of Leland Seminary. Leland works hard to keep costs low and scholarships accessible while maintaining a high academic standard. As the most affordable accredited seminary in the D.C. metro area, Leland provides a great value for students on a tight budget. Since most of the Leland student body is comprised of people working full-time with families, our faculty and staff are aware of the challenges this type of student faces. Leland works with each individual student to make their seminary experience a successful one.

As you seek to find a place to prepare for your calling, keep the following in mind. If you desire to experience a theological learning community made up of a diverse group of people, Leland is for you. For the student that desires to delve deeply into the Scripture and kingdom of God, Leland is for you. For the student that wants to continue preparing for ministry in a world where differences in people and their experiences abound, Leland is for you.

We encourage you to pray and seek the Lord’s guiding as you consider a home for your theological education. We believe God will provide the place that is best for you. We also hope and pray that as you discern God’s will, he will lead you to become part of the Leland family and join your story with ours.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

The ministry of the John Leland Center for Theological Studies is to equip transformational leaders for the global ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe leaders are called to all areas of life and service, including the business world, schools, non-profit organizations, government, the arts, and the local church. Leland graduates up through 2014 have been placed in various areas. Of 30 MDiv graduates, 11 are either senior or solo pastors (37%), 12 are part of pastoral staffs (40%), and one is part of a non-profit organization, and five are in other areas. Of 19 MTS graduates, 9 are either senior or solo pastors (47%), 6 are part of pastoral staffs (32%), three are either pursuing doctoral studies or teaching in higher education (16%). In our new MCL program, 27% are serving as either senior or solo pastor, 45% are part of a pastoral staff and 9% are serving in a non-profit organization.


  John Leland Center for Theological Studies
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